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6 Fully Ripened Bananas

2 Tb spoon Cocoa powder

3 Tb spoon all purpose flour

200 gms Gur (jaggery) or brown sugar for syrup.

And lots of walnuts, almonds, resins, cashew nuts.

Cut banana into slices.

In a bowl mix flour and cocoa powder and make it uniform.

In a baking tray spread the mixture over the slices of banana.

Mix it with proper care it should not take shape of lumps or paste.

Throw the nuts and resins onto the mixture.

Keep it aside.

Put 150 gm sugar or 200 gm gur in a heavy base pan add 1 glass of water, add 1 Tb spoon cream

And boil the mixture for 8 min. Sugar syrup is ready.

Pour this sugar syrup over the banana slices in baking tray in such a way that all nuts get drowned in the syrup.

Preheat the over for 5 min at 200 C and put the baking tray inside the oven for 15-20 minutes.

With 3 spoons of banana caramel put 1 healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And with lots love fork it out.

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Yield: 4 servings

Time: 15 minutes

Tools :Steel pressure cooker (Dont use Aluminum ), Blender

Ingredients: Rice (Basmati) 2 Cups ,Spinach 2 Bunches Fresh ,Peas 250 Gms Salt, Olive oil ,coriander leaves ,Rai(Mustard seed) ,3 medium sized fresh green chilies

Directions: Clean the spinach leaves and chop them, Put them in blender and blend. Wash the rice properly . Now put pressure cooker on burner. Put 1 Table spoon of olive oil heat it for 30 seconds now put 1/2 table spoon rai . Stirr for 30 seconds put chopped green chilies.

now add peas and stir for 1 minute add blended spinach to the mixture in cooker keep stirring for 2 minutes. now add washed rice to the mixture stir the mixture for 40-50 seconds. add salt as per the taste Close the lid of cooker. wait for 2 whistle. switch of the gas stove. wait don’t open it now . Wait for 4-5 minutes and then open add freshly chopped coriander leaves for topping . serve pipping hot

Note:This extremely tasty and healthy dish.We can use hung curd along with

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