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Few more hours and 2010 will end with its sweet and sour memories.Year was full of ups and down.

After a long debate with my mind and my heart I reached to the conclusion that I must dedicate this year to the person who encountered me most till date.

Love wins over the truth… His Holiness

5 years  back one handsome guy (Guy???) in white kurta came to our college (HBTI, Kanpur) for an AOL intro talk. His words were so profound and deep and touched me in such a way that without giving a second thought I enrolled my self for the YES!+, this was my first encounter with AOL(In this life).Second time I again saw this man in blue kurta in Audi foir of IIT, Kanpur and  was discussing some Java problems with some of my seniors.

After that we organized one Yes! + in our college for him in Apirl,2006

This was the time when I actually experienced his love, care, affection and knowledge. It touched me in such a way that life changed and it changed in a way that it could not be better than that. Since than I am with him, traveled with him, Cooked with him, exercised with and many more things I did with him.

Nobody has come in my life after I met him.

Oh!! Sorry correct sentence rather politically correct sentence would be “since then nobody has taken his place in my life. 😉

Big puzzzzzle!!!

This year he has completed 35 years (???) of his life (Source: Fijan News paper ;).

Guys when we were organizing his first course in HBTI, we use to say the person who is coming to take this course is 33 years old but he looks like a 26 years old boy. At that time I was of 21, almost 5 years have passed now I am of 26.

But I don’t know how his age is gone up by just 2 years in last 5 years. All laws of Bawa’s Mathemagic fails here.

Sometimes I think both of us will complete 40 years of our life together.

Life for him….

He has traveled length and breadth of the country, oh!!! Now we can say length and breadth of the world.

He has taught people ranging from 18 years young to the person one leg in the grave other in the course.

Till date he has taught more than 30000 youths across the country.

I still remember those days how he used to drag druggist from their rooms in IIT, Delhi so that those idiots would not dope again. He would not sleep whole night teaching them prayanama again and again, giving healing and blessings, doing satsangs.

He has taken birth on this planet to serve His Holiness. I have learnt from him how everything is secondary when it comes to the Guru and His work. I have seen him taking courses in 104deg fever and in the cough and cold in which nobody can dare to open the mouth. Traveling to remote places where food and water are just alien things.

Some people may still remember how he was taking Indore DSN by drinking hot water after every half an hour so that he can speak, as he was suffering from heavy cough and cold.

Hats off Mr J(His new name).

Last year he rocked South Korea with his work. Guru Ji visited there.

Fiji is one more a success story, Just in 2 months took  some 20 courses in a new place.Which includes Yes!+, Part 1,DSNs, Prison smarts, Know your wife.

Yes he is unmarried officially and unofficially both ;)( Very nice DSN story).

So many so many eyes are still on him but he has his eyes only for one only for HIM.

Some people say WHY ONE?? I would say there should be “ONLY ONE”…

Ok ok !!!! Or look one at one time Ab thik hai Gurrrrr!!! @#$%^&*#$%

DSN Teacher:

In June 2009 Guru Ji made him DSN teacher. How?? This is a mystery, because I have heard almost 20 versions of the story on How HE made him a DSN teacher.

Before becoming a DSN teacher he was making lives miserable and everybody knows who the no.1 victim is. (Don’t tell him that I written like this….). And after getting certified, he is continuing with his work  of making lives miserable with full force and with full authority.

We organized his first DSN in July 2009 in Mumbai.

It was such a boring DSN but I enjoyed it as my friend Chander with his beloved wife was with me. Oh!!! For people who don’t know Chander, He is Bhaiya’s dad and my best friend.(Embodiment of love, care and fun)

I have attended almost every DSN which he has taken. July DSN and present DSNs has a difference of Zami and falak.

Cities got transformed, lives got transformed after attending his DSNs. Mind blowing his session, mind blowing processes.

Haan if you are missing my food then I would like to reveal that he is the SOURCE

Needless to say that ultimate source is in Aashram.

He is the one who has made me an omelet cook to a DSN cook.


When first time Guru Ji told him to teach in UP and Bihar he almost got a heart attack. As for a person living in Mumbai, going out of Mumbai is like a foreign tour wo bhi UP,Bihar  OMG.

His hindi was … no no I will not say anything.

Sunil bhaiya still tease him as he used to say Narra khula tha mera instead of Nadda khula tha mera.

Once he was taking a part-1 course in Mumbai, on the second last day he told everybody to make a gift for the last day. He spoke this in hindi. Hahaha

He said: Aisa gift banana hai wo aapake astitava to darshaye. After this sentence he praised himself for some 5 minutes for speaking such a gooood hindi. In Mumbai very few people speak good hindi so nobody said anything but from the back I shouted Bhaiya ASTITAVA nahi VYAKTITAVA.

I can write for another one  year about him for him, then also it will be less .

Happy New Year!!!


A person is consist of good and bad qualities…


Keep waiting for the next post on “Good and Bad”.

Till then..

Happy reading!!!

Jai Gurudevah!!


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In this creation everybody’s role is fixed. Everybody comes here with fixed role and fixed talent. Rose is never miserable as it can’t be a lotus. Rose is doing its job of spreading fragrance happily and perfectly.

So your role is fixed mine role is also fixed. Never get depressed/miserable because you can’t do like others.

Lets take an example of sugarcane juice machine. It consist of many wheels, some are small and some are big, some are outside which can be seen by everybody can but some are deep inside the machine nobody can see them, does this means only the outer wheels are working, no it is a joint effort of all but only outer wheels get recognition. If one fine inner wheel decides not to work, then everything will stop na…

Don’t feel bad if nobody recognizes your work. Divine is one who is always looking at your each and every effort.

Never crib while doing your work in Sanskrit this is known as Yajna (doing an act without cribbing).

His Holiness says: People who are incapable of doing something needs or want appreciation.

Happy reading

Jai Gurudevah…


P.S.: From a talk by Swami Suryapada

Relaxxxx guys… it is categorized under “Article” category so read it before any making comments…

Two days back I was in Delhi and was going to IGI Airport as to receive Rajesh as he was coming from Bhopal after taking a YES!+ of 100+ participant.(Hats off to Bhopal YES!+ team).

On my way to IGI Airport there were many multistoried buildings but my eyes stuck on board on which HOTEL BRA was written. I was in a shock after seeing that; the feeling was, what a stupid name is this. But as I come closer to the hotel I realize it was “HOTEL ERA” not “HOTEL BRA”

In ophthalmology this is known as “nearsightedness”, a very common disease you can easily find in good students. In this disease one cannot see the objects clearly which are far away.

It is very common and nothing wrong in having nearsightedness PHYSICALLY.

But “mentally” if one is suffering from nearsightedness it is harmful.

In this we cannot see the consequences of pleasures which can give pain in future.In this is disease we stuck in small pleasures of life and forget to move on.There can be two things one is pleasurable pain and other is painful pleasure.

Pleasurable pain is pain which will give pleasure in future like like…


After busy, hectic Sevaful day the pleasure is inexpressible. (I have also forgotten the taste of such pleasure)

We all have experienced pleasure after organizing an event to which we have given our breath. Ahhhhaahhhh…

Now let’s take painful pleasure. This is a pleasure which definitely give pain in coming future. Examples:

Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Eating non veg…

Broken collar bone can give you momentarily pleasure but off course it will pain in long.

Sometimes we cannot take the rejection and it is more painful when someone who deserve less than you got selected. But remember your rejection is a not a criterion to prove your disqualification for the subject, it simply means something better is waiting for you.

So its ok to have nearsightedness physically but mentally be farsighted always.
Have pleasurable day…

Jai Gurudevah…

When you go sip by sip enjoying every idiom of the talk (about other’s life) like how you enjoy cappuccino with hazel nuts in Barista is what we call as gossip.

Gossiping is a natural phenomenon when two or more people sit together and do idle chat, when they are totally free means nothing much left in the life to do. So they do idle chat…

Generally it is about other’s life like…

  • Who is doing what…
  • Who fought with whom…
  • Whose new crush is who…
  • Who is seeing whom…
  • Who broke up…
  • Who has changed his/her status from committed to SINGLE…
  • Even who is sleeping with whom…

Believe it or not it gives immense pleasure or orgasmic feeling to the people who do it.

Fact of the matter is that everybody loves to gossip, some do with full acceptance and other do with lot of denial. Some can do with anybody and some have a special set of people to gossip.

I was one the biggest gossip mongers on this planet before I met one Art of Living teacher she just repeal my contour on gossiping.

Guru ji says avoid gossiping so just AVOID…

This is what which stops me from babbling about other’s life.

Believe me it takes hell lot of energy.

And with a dilatory experience I can say that after one hour of gossiping you can’t do anything for next 5 hours. After this what you want is only relaxation, physically and mentally both.

If this gossip go out the room in which gossiping is taking place then…  he he he..

5 hours may take 5 days or may be more than that to come out of it.

Utilizing your free time in gossiping is simply wastage of time. Find some better ways. Some of them are…

  • Cook something for whom you really really love, doesn’t matter you know how to cook or not 🙂 …
  • Read something nice, I will recommend INTSS by HHSSRS 🙂
  • Play … sports nothing else…

Or in the end that one hour of mammoth pleasure will leads to amaranthine pain only.

Oh O!!! Both pain and pleasure in a single sentence that’s interesting.

Chalo Pain and pleasure in next post.

Till then…

Happy reading… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Jai Gurudev

Jai Gurudev…

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