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In this creation everybody’s role is fixed. Everybody comes here with fixed role and fixed talent. Rose is never miserable as it can’t be a lotus. Rose is doing its job of spreading fragrance happily and perfectly.

So your role is fixed mine role is also fixed. Never get depressed/miserable because you can’t do like others.

Lets take an example of sugarcane juice machine. It consist of many wheels, some are small and some are big, some are outside which can be seen by everybody can but some are deep inside the machine nobody can see them, does this means only the outer wheels are working, no it is a joint effort of all but only outer wheels get recognition. If one fine inner wheel decides not to work, then everything will stop na…

Don’t feel bad if nobody recognizes your work. Divine is one who is always looking at your each and every effort.

Never crib while doing your work in Sanskrit this is known as Yajna (doing an act without cribbing).

His Holiness says: People who are incapable of doing something needs or want appreciation.

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Jai Gurudevah…


P.S.: From a talk by Swami Suryapada

Jai Gurudev…

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