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Today I am introducing  “The Jungle Book” on this blog…

Characters in “The Jungle Book” are not fictitious,if you find any resemblance to the name, character or any incidence of your life then YES it is your story…

If you get the story behind the post definitely you will  have nice read, full of humor and wit…

and if you are not getting at all whats going on then RELAX… You will find some good knowledge in the end of the post…

So keep reading and wait for your story to be posted…

Jai Gurudevah….

Happy reading


6 Fully Ripened Bananas

2 Tb spoon Cocoa powder

3 Tb spoon all purpose flour

200 gms Gur (jaggery) or brown sugar for syrup.

And lots of walnuts, almonds, resins, cashew nuts.

Cut banana into slices.

In a bowl mix flour and cocoa powder and make it uniform.

In a baking tray spread the mixture over the slices of banana.

Mix it with proper care it should not take shape of lumps or paste.

Throw the nuts and resins onto the mixture.

Keep it aside.

Put 150 gm sugar or 200 gm gur in a heavy base pan add 1 glass of water, add 1 Tb spoon cream

And boil the mixture for 8 min. Sugar syrup is ready.

Pour this sugar syrup over the banana slices in baking tray in such a way that all nuts get drowned in the syrup.

Preheat the over for 5 min at 200 C and put the baking tray inside the oven for 15-20 minutes.

With 3 spoons of banana caramel put 1 healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And with lots love fork it out.

Happy reading

Happy Eating…

Jai Gurudevah..


Relaxxxx guys… it is categorized under “Article” category so read it before any making comments…

Two days back I was in Delhi and was going to IGI Airport as to receive Rajesh as he was coming from Bhopal after taking a YES!+ of 100+ participant.(Hats off to Bhopal YES!+ team).

On my way to IGI Airport there were many multistoried buildings but my eyes stuck on board on which HOTEL BRA was written. I was in a shock after seeing that; the feeling was, what a stupid name is this. But as I come closer to the hotel I realize it was “HOTEL ERA” not “HOTEL BRA”

In ophthalmology this is known as “nearsightedness”, a very common disease you can easily find in good students. In this disease one cannot see the objects clearly which are far away.

It is very common and nothing wrong in having nearsightedness PHYSICALLY.

But “mentally” if one is suffering from nearsightedness it is harmful.

In this we cannot see the consequences of pleasures which can give pain in future.In this is disease we stuck in small pleasures of life and forget to move on.There can be two things one is pleasurable pain and other is painful pleasure.

Pleasurable pain is pain which will give pleasure in future like like…


After busy, hectic Sevaful day the pleasure is inexpressible. (I have also forgotten the taste of such pleasure)

We all have experienced pleasure after organizing an event to which we have given our breath. Ahhhhaahhhh…

Now let’s take painful pleasure. This is a pleasure which definitely give pain in coming future. Examples:

Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Eating non veg…

Broken collar bone can give you momentarily pleasure but off course it will pain in long.

Sometimes we cannot take the rejection and it is more painful when someone who deserve less than you got selected. But remember your rejection is a not a criterion to prove your disqualification for the subject, it simply means something better is waiting for you.

So its ok to have nearsightedness physically but mentally be farsighted always.
Have pleasurable day…

Jai Gurudevah…

Jai Gurudev…

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